Atlanta United and the Very Good, Really Incredible Inaugural Season

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By: Craig Shuman     Twitter: @realblitzcraig

Now that the dust has settled after Atlanta United’s inaugural season ended, we here at 1788 Sports decided it’s time to take a look back at the wild, amazing, and successful first season of the future best team in the MLS (starting next year). When this team was announced by the league on April 16, over three years ago now, no one predicted the huge impact that the team would have on the league, and on the city of Atlanta, the state of Georgia, and surrounding states. For those of us in the southeast, there is no MLS team. The closest team before Atlanta United to many of us was DC United, Orlando City, or FC Dallas, depending where we called home. To have, in just three years, built up a substantial Front Office populated with President Darren Eales, brought over from Tottenham…

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The “Braves Way” is Dead

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By: Billy Lindahl (@1788sports, @billylindahl) The “Braves Way” is dead and I couldn’t be happier. Before you jump all over me, understand why I’m saying this. I love John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox. Hell I freakin’ teared up at Bobby’s last game in the playoffs. A grown man, tearing up…Anyways. John…

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