Atlanta’s Kilroy Kobra Talks Life, Facts, and Man of the World

Kilroy Kobra is an up and coming 10 piece alt/indie/world jam rock band based out of Atlanta, GA. With so many members, it’s no wonder that there would be such an amalgamation of genres and sounds. They’ve recently released their first LP entitled, Man of the World, and might I say it has quite a complex palate of bells and whistles.

The 11 song LP explores a long journey through psychedelic space, to very rhythmic earthy dancefloors, and big band rock forms. The attention to detail in the production of the record is  noticeable in the meticulous placement of very genuine vocal and instrumental parts. It’s a difficult task to unify the sound of 10 into a such a complete sounding record such as this, where no one is overly dominating, and everyone is sharing the limelight. In that sense, you can really feel the empathic energy radiating from the band on the record that also translates to their live shows.



I had the pleasure of catching a recent show of theirs, actually, at Smith’s Olde Bar, as well as being able to watch a snippet of their soon to be released film, also titled, Man of the World filmed by Zak Washburn. Man of the World is the visual representation of the album, so expect to hear the whole LP whilst enjoying the film. The band’s very own Carly Jones co-stars as a main protagonists, and Tomas Uribe plays the role of the mystic doctor.





They’ve planned a gnarly release show and screening of the film on March 18th at Rowdy Dowdy in Atlanta with Athens based White Rabbit Collective and Brooklyn, NY’s Narcotix.

P.S. It’s pajama themed party folks (;




I was also quite fortunate that the Kilroy squad allowed me the sweet sweet time to get the lowdown on everything that is Kobra.

Inside the interview we discuss:

  • Mike’s alter-ego as “El Oso Fuerte”
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of being such a large band
  • How they’ve personally grown individually as musicians and people
  • Band efforts to expose new music and local artists via Spotify Playlists (which are pretty awesome actually, check it out. Here’s one for ya)

Kilroy Kobra’s Spotify

  • The dark themes behind the influence of Man of the World and Michael’s true feelings towards Tomas’ darkside
  • What it’s like for Carly, being the only girl amongst 9 other boys and which one of them snores the most

And more!


Check out the interview below!


Follow them on Facebook to see all the latest teasers and trailers!


Kilroy Kobra’s Facebook


It’s always a tireless pleasure to be so blessed to be immersed in Atlanta’s artistic community.

Remember to always support your local artists ladies and gents and stay tuned for more from us here at Funkadelic Threads.



Anthony Prince


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