The Funkdown on Funk Fest Punta Gorda 2017

There really aren’t enough festivals that embellish amazing up and coming talent and nationally acclaimed acts with lavish beachy vibes only a couple of meters away. Funk Fest 2017 succeeded in delivering proud talent for it’s 8th year in a row. The food vendors were delicious, and the merch vendors provided a spectacular array of unique and original crafts. Whilst all the bands are truly talented, here are a couple of the highlights from Funkadelic Threads:



Here Come The Mummies

IMG_3534 - Copy.JPG

A band that really knows how to get down and weird. As you may expect, Here Come The Mummies, are actually dressed in mummy costumes! Or are they? Geared up to the teeth with an arsenal of overwhelming funk, this crew was quite possibly the most anticipated band to see based off of what we were hearing from festival spectators prior to. From their synchronized dance numbers to the confetti cannons of mummy tissue, these mummies really get the love they deserve.




The Motet

Alllll the way from Denver, Colorado these boys put on quite a professional display of their funky prowess. We were fortunate to be blessed with 2 sets from these guys, both of which were great. Whilst the band itself yields remarkable instrumental experience capable of taking you through some psychedelic passages even, The Motet’s vocalist, Lyle Divinsky, is a monster of a vocalist to watch out for.




Big Sams Funky Nation

Adding onto the awesome weekend of funk, Big Sams Funky Nation delivered insane mashups of everything you’ve ever tapped your toes to from the last 30 years of music. They displayed remarkable strength in their brass section and in their ability to keep the audience on their toes by not knowing what to expect. Would absolutely recommend.


Voodoo Visionary


Of course, we have to throw a shoutout to our hometown heroes from Atlanta, GA. Truly putting the oogie in boogie, this was another successful Voodoo takeover. Scotty’s stage presence as the band’s frontman is as genuine as it gets, and every note from each member of the band is heartfelt and guided by a smile of satisfaction.


Tim Reynolds’ TR3

Really bringing a different atmosphere to Funk Fest, Tim Reynolds’ TR3 brought some intensity in a 3-piece rock form. Tim Reynolds is most formerly known for his solo work and lead guitarist work for Dave Matthews band by the way. Their show was a mix of updated Reynolds’ classics to wild covers of everything from James Brown, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, and more. It was a delicious blend of funk met with jazz, blues, and rock.


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad


Seriously a once in a lifetime show. We were blessed with a surprise late night set for a second helping of Panda. Bumping in the reggae-funk fusion while radiating some jam band aesthetic, it was a really difficult show to try and stand still for. Absolute uplifting and positive, we couldn’t help but smile for the whole show and cannot wait to see these guys again!



We greatly appreciate you for tuning in and this isn’t all we have to say about Funk Fest. Stay tuned, there’s more to come!


Anthony Prince


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