Disco Tendencies W/ Orange Constant and LaGoons


(*Blue Moon is not our sponsor… unless they want to be)

Last Friday, a classic Atlanta Venue held host to a trifecta of local talent. The venue, Smith’s Old Bar; and the talent, comprised of LaGoons, Orange Constant, and Disco Tendencies, who provided an evening of sole-splitting jams, and soul-lifting musicianship. The first act of the evening, LaGoons, immediately indulged the audience in a new-age wave of New Orleans style jazz-funk. This groovy blend of tunes was brought to you by Tommy Faust (Guitar, Vocals), Clarke Chadwell (Bass, Vocals), Dallas Dawson (Drums, Percussion), John Hooper (Keys), and Quinn Mason (Alto Sax). The next chance to catch them is on March the Second in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the Druid City Music Hall. These Guys are definitely one to keep your eye on.


The second act of the evening, Orange Constant, blasted out of the gate with a very soulful rock sound, that quickly transitioned into a dance party; leaving everyone in the rooms heart thumping for more. The band is comprised of Andrew Brantley (Vocals/Guitar) Nickalous Benson (Guitar/ Vocals) Lee Guentert (Drums) and Tyler Walker (Bass/Vocals). Each member proved their musical aptitude throughout each and every song. Both guitarists stood out, switching between lead and rhythm sections so flawlessly it was hard to comprehend who was leading the pack. In addition to flawless transitions in tempo, the vivid musical stylings left everyone absolutely wanting more.


Our headliner of the evening closed out the evening in a BIG way. From the first note in the evening played it was obvious that these boys came to get down. First to make an impression, was vocalist Alex Rogers. Throughout the entire evening he proved again and again, that his wide range was capable of handling the most difficult of sections. He even hit a little falsetto with ease like a well trained soprano; however, what is a good vocalist without a good backing band? Well, the remainder of the ensemble provided just as much raw talent that kept the room buzzing until last call.  The band covered a very impressive range of music. Everything from funk, blues, jazz, and everything in between; was thrown in a blender with a nice jam style base that reminded me of some of the bigger known jam acts in the scene. They even threw in some well executed covers in the mix (Check the set-list).


I had the pleasure of sitting down with the guys before the show, and not only are these guys amazing musicians, but they are stand-up gents as well. During this sit-down, it was revealed that the band has been working on some new material, and that their sophomore album is in the works. A few songs were played during the evening, and I can say I am patiently waiting to hear more. The Atlanta music scene needs more Disco Tendencies, and if you ever have the opportunity to see these gentlemen perform; do yourself a favor and check them out. You will be glad you did.


Written by Alex Norris

Photography by Jacqueline


Set 1

Roadhouse Blues


Kilgore Trout

Groove Medley (Groove me > Let’s Groove)

Slow Burdhouse

Cape Kernel

Meet your Maker

WIne Roses & Blues

WIld Voodoo > (The Chain)

Set 2



Last Gypsy



Do or Die



Everyday People

Cig Story


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