Reconsidered | Travis Cottle’s Episode | S. 2 Ep. 1

Brought to you by Reconsidered Media

The opening clip and closing song is called, “Over”, and is an original by our guest. On the second season premiere of Reconsidered the Podcast, Riley Acree and Ethan Eloquin have invited two new members to the team. Malvin Williams is our Sound Engineer and Travis Steele is our new Marketing Coordinator. We are beginning to build a community of people who Reconsider. Coincidentally, it ties into the conversation we had with our guest, Travis Cottle, who, also coincidentally, happens to have the same name as our new MKTG Coordinator.

Travis talks about building a community of musicians and shares lessons from his lifetime as a career musician. He is a classically trained pianist, a singer/songwriter, and apart of a group of musicians that perform tributes and originals at local venues. He runs a weekly open mic and once a month talented local musicians take the stage one after another sharing their art and passions.

On this episode, we reconsider, “Moving to Nashville.” Travis has many friends in bands and solo acts that have moved there to play music and he reflects on the impact that it has had on the community. He also discusses the narratives that the local scene creates and the positive impact he has seen in Marietta, Georgia. Right on the square at the Earl Smith Stand Theatre, upstairs in the Lumiere Lounge & Piano Bar, Travis is always planning something fun to do! Join him Feb 18th for a Willie Nelson tribute show!

Lumirere Lounge FB Page:…


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