Reconsidered | Emmett Meinhold’s Episode | S. 1 Ep. 8

This is the last episode of Reconsidered‘s 1st season with Emmett Meinhold. Also if you can’t get enough then check out their latest podcast here!

Emmett shares his personal story of spiritual transformation and how it has changed his life. We dive into personal development and the power of a positive mindset. Emmett has studied Psychology on his own to help him overcome personal struggles in his own mind. He transformed from a mindset that the world was against him, and rose above. Now Emmett is a motivator. A thinker who spreads peace everywhere he goes. His personal brand is Mind Over Matter, where he shares enlightening memes through his facebook page. Additionally, he is a lyricist and raps as Allan Love, his pseudonym. That’s him in the intro clip and outro song, song name: Focus. Dive into this deep developmental story and enjoy the commentary from your hosts Riley Acree and Ethan Eloquin. Have a great day, and stay focused with a positive mindset.

Also if you want to check out our last thread with Reconsidered’s earlier episode click here!


Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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