Reconsidered Podcast // Malvin William’s Episode

We are picking back up with the Reconsidered partnership and will be re-releasing each episode from the previous week! Check out this one with Graphic Designer/Musician Malvin William!

Malvin Williams is a graphic designer by profession and a musician by hobby. On this episode of Reconsidered, we talk about the perspectives people have on traditional vs. digital music. All of Malvin’s music is produced through the program Reason. We talked about how music is music whether or not it’s produced or played. We end up talking a lot about personal development in the second half of the episode like we always do. We hope you enjoy and learn something.

Find Malvin’s most recent project on Facebook:…

And his album is on Band Camp:

If you’d like to hear another episode by Reconsidered check out this thread!

Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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