Official Launch of Funkadelic Threads’s Merch Store

Whew, this has been about 2 years coming and there’s no better time to launch than with our beloved Falcons headed to Super Bowl 51! So everyone please help us RISE UP our new store and spread the word!

***Designed in ATL*Manufactured in America***

Link to Store

This is a special new play on the Falcon’s war cry that is presented by Sammy J at every game in the Dome. Hopefully you all got to experience that at least once, but if not then commemorate the occasion with this limited edition tee. It is a play one on my favorite shirts I found in the depths of the internet a few years back. That one was called “Royal with Trees”, if you can possibly imagine this: Samuel L Jackson’s character: Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) portraying Bob Ross (That chill artist dude you remember from 70’s) painting a picture in the background of a burger between two great evergreen trees…. Yes I know its pretty impossible to top, but this shirt doesn’t attempt to do that.

This Tee aims to draw the member’s of our Funk-munity together and bond over the love of Falcons Football and Pulp Fiction; all the while not just paying into the status quo of any ordinary falcon’s shirt. With this shirt you will be a truly unique part of your troupe on game-day or showing your colors proudly out about town. Show your love for ATL and RISE UP!

Tee Shirt Link


Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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