Atlanta Super Jam // FLOATIEZ

This is a special #WonderWednesday –  Imagine what it would sound like to put Funk You, IRE, Voodoo Visionary, and Hedonistas together… now stop hurting brain because you can listen right HERE! The supergroup funked up Aisle 5 before Backup Planet took the stage on 12/27/16.

This is a special lineup including Ben Cooper of Backup Planet sitting in on keys for the cover of 1612 by VULFPECK // click play below for your viewing pleasure

The Floaties are a collective of some of Atlanta’s top musicians. Trent Gilson (I.R.E.), Mike WIlson (Voodoo Visionary), Jake Keeble (Hedonistas) and Will Clark (Funk You). The band also featured  Martin Anderson the sax man, Matt Booth the shredder, some guest vocals from Scottie too hottie and rhythm from Voodoo’s percussionist Jose Rivera Robert.

Jake Keeble told Funkadelic Threads that a collaboration like this has been in the works for quite awhile and widely talked about, but it took the sheer ingenuity of Bret Peretz to send a simple group text to make it happen. And we are grateful it happened, thanks Bret!

Their Rockin Set list:

Do it like you do – Lettuce

Fame – Bowie

People say – Meters

Kiss – Prince 

Ain’t it Funky Now – Grant Green

Can’t feel my face – Weeknd

1612 – vulfpeck

Rosie – String Cheese Incident

War pigs – Black Sabbath


Stay Funny my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~




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