Reconsidered Podcast // Elnaz Moghangard

Our collaboration series with Reconsidered Media is picking up again for 2017! Check out this awesome episode below:


On our 6th episode of Reconsidered, and first one of 2017, we had a great conversation with Elnaz Moghangard. As a law student, she has found the time to continue working on her creative endeavors through her blog, Millennial Nomaad. She has interviewed a number of millennials who have taken on the world and are redefining what it means to be a person born in our era. On the episode we discuss the stigmas of Millennials and how we are breaking the mold. We discuss many aspects of life now in comparison to previous generations. We hope you learn something and reconsider the conventional ideas that plague the average millennial today. Her song of choice is Buildings and Mountains by The Republic Tigers.

Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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