PGroove // Archived Live 2002 NYE Show

Here is a hidden gem we found from back in the day of Perpetual Groove at the Georgia Theatre! This will hold you over until tonight at Terminal West – see ya there!

Disc 1
1. Robot Waltz
2. Free Ride to the Show
3. Perihelion
4. Mr. Transistor
5. Walking In Place*
6. Bobblehead Funk*

Disc 2
1. Playground
2. Sweet Oblivious Antidote#
3. Macumba#@
4. Big Balls
5. Life During Wartimes
6. Dancing, Talking, Living
7. Drive Thru Town

Disc 3
1. Backwards Country Song
2. Shifty Shoeshine
3. Shoofly
4. Cotton Street*
5. Sad Girl
6. Mr. Munson
7. Weeping Mother
8. Vial

Disc 4
1. Fly
2. Naked & Free
3. In My Haste, Back In The High Life^
4. Big Balls (PA Music)

Collection PerpetualGroove
Band/Artist Perpetual Groove
Venue Georgia Theatre, Atlanta GA
Location Athens, GA

Source AKG 451>Apex 107 Tube Preamp>Masterlink HD>cdr
Lineage EAC>shn


* Will Scruggs on sax
# Scott Baston on vocals
@ During the jam of Macumba, Moonshine took the
stage with P.Groove to build up to Midnight.
^ w/ Perpetual Groove

w/ moonshine still

Here are some links if you would like to check out more PGroove // Website // Facebook


Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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