Reconsidered Podcast Series // Morgan J Ingram

Here is the 5th installment of the collaboration between Reconsidered and Funkadelic Threads. This episode features one of the most successful young individuals in the Atlanta area, Morgan J. Ingram.

Morgan kills it in this episode with a jam-packed 30 minutes of pure value. Morgan is a motivational speaker and a Sales Development Rep, Team Lead at Terminus, an Account-Based Marketing firm in Atlanta. He has been featured on Forbes and influential sales blogs. Morgan also recently joined experts on a panel at a national marketing conference to share the best ways SDRs can implement Account-Based Marketing. On this Episode Morgan J. Ingram talks about why Self-Help shouldn’t be a section in the library any more. So dive in to this powerful podcast and learn how to become a more positive, productive, and all around badass person.

Hope you liked the episode, learned something you will put into action, and stay tuned for next week’s adventure!

Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~




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