Wonder Wednesday // Spriral Dynamics

Here is some serious food for thought. Have you heard of Spiral Dynamics yet? Whether you are a professional coach, or simply love the subject of human development, this concept is a fundamental one. Here is why:

The model describes and makes sense of the enormous complexity of human existence, and then shows how to craft elegant, systemic problem – solutions that meet people and address situations where they are.

Spiral DynamicsTM reveals the hidden complexity codes that shape human nature, create global diversities, and drive evolutionary change. These dynamic Spiral forces attract and repel individuals, form the webs and meshes that connect people within groups, communities and organizations, and forge the rise and fall of nations and cultures.

Besides being a fascinating subject to study, Spiral Dynamics is one of the key concepts explored in our “The Art & Science Of Coaching” program. Developed by Dr. Don Beck – “a leading global authority on value systems, societal change, and stratified democracy, Spiral Dynamics reveals the hidden complexity codes that shape human nature, create global diversities, and drive evolutionary change.” (read more here)

Since professional coaching is all about developing and optimizing human potential, it is easy to see why Spiral Dynamics is so important for every coach to study and understand. Once you become familiar with its foundation and implications for personal and social development, you will also be able to discover the answers to the following:

  • HOW people think about things (as opposed to “what” they think)
  • WHY people make decisions in different ways
  • WHY people respond to different motivators
  • WHY and HOW values arise and spread
  • The nature of CHANGE (source: spiraldynamics.net)


These two great visuals can help you visualize the progression of values both within individuals and societies around the world. Once people become familiar with the concept of Spiral Dynamics, they begin to better understand the development of their own values over time, and reflect on the value systems in their social circles and daily environment.

What do you think about Spiral Dynamics? What implications might the understanding of this concept have in your life or in the lives of your coaching clients? Share your comments below.



Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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