Featured Restaurant // Illegal Food

Meet Laurie Dominguez and Steven Lingenfelter, owners of Illegal Food located in the heart of Virginia Highlands at 1044 Greenwood Ave NE. They are famed for their legendary take on traditional burgers and fries, but want yall to know they are #NotJustBurgers any more. And if you have not had the pleasure of tasting their delectable creations, their brunch is a great starting point!

Here is an example of a previous brunch menu, but beware they are always trying new specials to keep patrons’ palates on their p’s and q’s. (The Uncomfy Chicken Biscuit is my go-to)

Illegal Food Brunch.jpg

Brunch is served every Sunday at 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for specials!

The name is derived from the origins from which they came. In 2009, Steven started a rogue underground food company to avoid getting burnt out from the industry completely — so he began making his favorite foods from scratch and gained a cult following. Four years later, Lingenfelter’s ingenuity led him to reinvent classics at Illegal Food as a pop-up operating out of Joystick Gamebar. The husband-and-wife combo turned that opportunity into a permanent residency word quickly spread about their mouth watering burgers. They even won 2014 Best Burger in the State by Business Insider in 2014 as well as  Best Burger in Atlanta by Zagat in 2014 & 2015.

They created such a sensation that in early 2015 they moved to their brick and motor location in the Highlands. That is they rose to their true potential and experiments with extraordinary takes on traditional dishes – such as their award winning Okonomiyaki Fries that were featured on Good Morning America and voted Best Fries by Atlanta Magazine in 2015. Don’t fret if that’s not your style because they even won 2016 Best Mac & Cheese by Atlanta Mac & Cheese Fest (Chelsea aka the Queen of Mac- you gotta try it!)


What makes them different is their close knit tie with the Atlanta community as well as their collaboration with other local businesses. Listed below are some of their friends and suppliers.

Brasstown Beef – Brasstown, NC

Gum Creek Farms – Roopville, GA

Ratio Bakeshop – Decatur, GA

Sparta Mushrooms – Sparta, GA

Hughes Farm Sorghum – Young Harris, GA

This is what is is all about – individuals coming together to create our own markets of creativity and provide each other the resources needed to be successful. And that is what We are all about. Funkadelic Threads aims to be a looking glass that allows patrons to peer into the underground of what is happening in the here and now. The goal is bring awareness of current events, while highlighting artisans that are following their dreams and bringing joy to others around them through their craft. When we bring all of these people together, we can create a collective that will build up and promote everyone that’s participating.

Whats next? There are talks of possibly featuring artists from the Funkadelic Community in a certain restaurant…

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Photos by Lucas Armstrong

Stay Funky My Friends,

Mr. Nobody



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