New Local Podcast // Reconsidered

Funkadelic Threads is teaming up with Reconsidered and leading up to our collaboration release this Thursday, we will be posting their current material to catch everyone up!

A note from the team – “Reconsidered Media is about awareness, understanding, and appreciation. We focus on our guest, allowing them to share their unique stories and viewpoints on our podcast. To accomplish our objective we allow our guests to reconsider topics of their choice. We encourage philosophical discussion about humanity, perception, and influential subjects. Our goal is to shed light on topics through discussion.

We believe in having a positive outlook on life and want to focus primarily on enlightening discussions. Suggestions welcome. So we hope you learn something and enjoy! ”

Hosts: Riley Acree and Ethan Eloquin

This is the first episode Reconsidered ever released!

Intro song, Caveman Blues, is by our guest Anthony Kinnel, better known as Ant by his friends. On the inaugural episode of Reconsidered, he shares his story about starting a movement. We invited Anthony to talk about what we have in common, working to start a movement. His movement is focused on removing ego from art, our movement is about appreciation and awareness. Anthony is a part of many creative groups, his band name is Felonious Punk, a spin-off of the great non-conforming jazz artist Thelonious Monk. His most recent stage name is A. Nobody. Ant is leading his visionary brand “Nation of Nobody,” as a music artist, a street-wear artist, and a dabbler in many other forms of art. Their slogan is “Progressive Media, by Progressive Means,” they live it for example by throwing up street signs that say “Non-Authorized Parking Only.” His internal drive comes from creating art that not only looks good but has substance.

In our episode, we cover the State of the Cultural Union from his perspective. Then we dive into the origins of Nation of Nobody, how it has developed, and where it’s going next. Enjoy and I hope you learn something! If you have something you’d like to reconsider on an episode, shoot us an email at

Anthony Kinnel, from Nation of Nobody, shares the background to some of the products from his streetwear line, Revisionist History. They create art with substance. Check out the meanings! You might get a new perspective. Enjoy! You can grab a shirt at Discount code: FIVEFORFRENZ for the listeners, $5 off

Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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