Featured Thread // Nation of Nobody

Our friends at The Nation of Nobody, the brainchild of Anthony Kinnel, has officially started their line of streetwear and we were able to get an exlcusive… so let my stop typing and let you read his words:

“The whole idea behind Nation of Nobody is to create art without ego. Collective Art, Minds, Emotion, and Intelligence has been a mantra as of late for us as a group. Our first creative offering, Revisionist History is an encapsulation of those ideas translated through the medium of streetwear.

Each one is a meditation on the person in the photograph, the moment and time they lived in, and what they represent to culture. The Felonious Punk shirt uses a photograph from Thelonious Monk. His rebellious streak in jazz and otherwise is characterized by the caption we gave him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The JFK comments on the surface subject matter, but even more than that It’s commentary on America as a whole. It’s tendency to cannibalize it’s agents of change, even with ideals that should suggest behavior of the opposite

The markings are a different story, they reference hierarchy of perception. The triangle representing the apex, above the 3rd eye. The eyes are crossed out the way they are to look like windows, like the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul. The lines represent line of sight and how what we see can ultimately filter back into our inward and outward perception.” – Ant

How to get one of these awesome shirts:  NONSHOP.BIGCARTEL.COM

Nobody Nation Contact:  info@nationofnobody.com


Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~



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