If you’re one of the voracious fans who’ve been foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of new Gorillaz music, well, your thirst may be quenched this weekend.

As we get to close to the date which we were told the new Gorillaz album would be done by, an Instagram account run by the band’s guitarist ‘Noodle’ has hinted at the promise of new music.

The post on Instagram features the logo to the Soulection program on Apple’s Beats 1 digital radio station, accompanied by tags which singles out Soulection, the program’s host, Gilles Peterson, and a number of emoji’s, including musical notes and a radio.

Now, Gilles Peterson’s Soulection program usually airs between 7-9pm on Saturday nights in Los Angeles, so if this news is true, we might be hearing something new from Gorillaz at about 2pm on Sunday afternoon here in Australia.

A lot of folks have been hanging out for new Gorillaz music since we were told a new album was on the way, so you can understand the sort of hype this ‘announcement’ is causing.

There’s still a couple of days before we find out if there is any truth to this announcement, but in the meantime, reacquaint yourself with some of the band’s last album, 2011’s The Fall.

~Tyler Jenke~


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