It’s 4:20…GMT!

Ireland gets a taste of Sweetwater!

SweetWater's Fish Wrap

Flowing soon on the Emerald Isle!

ireland edits-1

We met a lad named McGargles whose mind was blown by the flavor and freshness of our tasty brews – “We need this deadly beer in Ireland!” he screamed. He told us the 4.2 million people on his island had a craving for great American craft beer, and supply was short.

So we put some 420, IPA, Blue and Hash Session on a boat headed east, and SweetWater’s first international journey began. Thanks to our partners at Rye River Brewing Co. in Dublin, SweetWater will soon be sold at the top 100 craft beer retailers around the city, and on draft in many of Ireland’s pubs.

We’ll officially start flowing just in time for the Georgia Tech/Boston College game on 9/2. Headed over to watch? Stay tuned to facebook for the 411 on where you can grab a hometown coldie abroad.

Rye River TeamIreland truck.jpg

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