2nd Annual ATL Record Label Fest


Juliett Rowe and the ATL Record Label Fest Team


“A Pop Up Market Celebrating Georgia’s independent record labels. Atlanta Record Label Fest was founded on the idea to put some spotlight on the people behind the scenes that support indie artists on their road to success. We are focusing on curating a solid group of record labels that are working hard and releasing great music and merchandise. In our effort to keep Atlanta Record Label Fest diverse, we’re highlighting labels and artists in multiple genres, and will feature a total of 14 record labels and artists over two days.” – Juliett Rowe


The fanatically funky Aisle 5


8.20 – 8.21 Two Day pass: $15 and Day passes: $10

Why did she start the festival?

Two years ago when Juliett was at Blood Drunk Records (BDR Music Collective), she learned how difficult it is to work for an up and coming independent label. When they received work bonuses from their day jobs, they would invest it into the label.

She saw an article about a similar event in San Fransico which ignited a fire in her. After 6 months of planning and contemplating in her head, she organized her thought into a reality; ATL Record Label Fest was born. It took place August 2015 on a Sunday at Aisle 5 and it was a hit.

The overall aim is to create an annual event that provides labels to learn and network from each other.

How did she decide which labels to feature?

Originally, Juliett made a wish list of her favorite labels and throughout the year she kept track of how each performed and delivered. After working down the list, she made sure to keep an eclectic lineup and get genres they didn’t have last year – there will be 2 rap labels and 2 experimental hip hop for 2016.

What was the feedback from the community?

It was a bigger success than originally planned with over 200 people attending. The Fest created another avenue to experience local music through while bringing all types of music together. This year members of Georgia Music Partners and the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy will be checking it out.

Overall goal?

Two Fold: for the music fan – raise awareness of this kind of scene is happening in your backyard; for the labels –present the accomplishments and show the hard work everyone is putting in.

What can people expect to experience this year?

All the labels are hardworking legit organizations and will be coming with high quality merchandise so be ready to pick up some impressive vinyl and cassettes. This year will be a melting pot of genres and communities from all around Georgia so expect to be exposed to new things and feel a huge sense of pride for Atlanta!

Link to tix:

Aisle 5 8.20 – 8.21 Two Day pass: $15 and Day passes: $10


Contact: atlrecordlabelfest@gmail.com

ATL Record Label Fest Lineup

Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~




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