Featured Music Thread // The Orange Constant

Over this past year The Orange Constant (TOC) has seen many changes, yet was able to see much of their hard work pay off. Last Summer they released their debut studio album Time to Go which was produced by the legendary John Keane (WSP and REM). This set them apart from other weekend warrior bands with a clean professional sounding record along with their ability to harness the clash between contemporary and vintage rock. This broadened their audience and allowed them to surpass many of the standard jam bands in Athens, GA in which they now reside.

TOC Live

TOC originally formed in Statesboro, GA in 2012 and quickly morphed from a local college band to a regional powerhouse. It did not go unnoticed because soon after they were picked up by the booking agency Airbound Entertainment (Along side bands like Universal Sigh, The Night Shift. and Those Cats). Since then they joined Homegrown Music Network with a little help from friends of the omnipotent renegade that is Perpetual Groove. Although they have yet to see the full benefits of the network come to fruition, it is a rather large stepping stone to be grouped with acts like Lotus, Dangermuffin, Mantras, and more. These factors along with their shear drive and perseverance landed them on festivals bills including Sweetwater 420 Fest, AthFest, Pink Moon, and Sigh in July. Oh Yea… and not to mention they picked up Athens Music Award for best Jam/Funk band in 2016.

Lately, The Orange Constant has been focused on teaching their new bassist, Tyler Walker, all the originals; and on top of that, they are amidst recording the 2nd full length album. They also hinted at the possibility of a new keyboardist in the mix. You may be lucky enough to see the new addition to the crew, in action, at the next few shows and will surely hear him on the new album. The current lineup is Andrew Brantley with vocals/guitar/keys; Nick Benson on vocals/guitar; Lee Guentert on drums;and Tyler Walker holding it down on bass.

TOC Livetrees

The band is recording at the Athens staple – Chase Park Transduction (David Barbe’s brainchild) with producer/engineer Drew Vandenberg all while they are completing Studio Videos at Sit and Spin in Greenville, SC. Don’t expect more of the same either. Andrew let me know that TOC is progressing their sound with production and song writing within the studio and are’t afraid to explore unforeseen areas. Listeners can expect more of an independent spin on a contemporary rock sound,that is their bread an butter. The band’s goal is to release the album before the end of the year so keep your eyes open and lookout for the Chat Hills show in Woodstock, GA  October.

Take a listen to Time to Go:


The Gigs: 

8/6 Wild Wing Cafe – Greenville, SC

8/12 Wild Wing Cafe – Charlotte, SC

8/13 Dingus Magees – Statesboro, GA

8/18  w/ Little Raine Band- Green Bar – Tuscaloosa, AL

8/19 The Loft – Columbus, GA

8/20 w/ Little Raine Band – Bourbon Street – Auburn, AL

8/23 Humphrey’s – Huntsville. AL

8/24 Local Artist Series Rock – MadLife Stage & studios – Woodstock, Ga

8/25 Boardroom – Hilton Head Island, SC

8/26 Tiki Hut – Hilton Head Island, SC

9/1 Ashley Street Station

9/2 Bar IX – Titusville, Fl

9/3 South City Tavern – Stateboro

9/4 Selborne Green in Serenbe

9/15 Pink Moon Festival 8 – Rock Camp, WV


Stay Funky my Friends,

~Mr. Nobody~





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