Atlanta’s Demonstrations, Marches, and Votes Matter 

5th Night of Protest Proves to be a Success in Atl

Atlanta is ready

Monday’s demonstration (July 11th) which marks the 5th night of protests in Atlanta proved to be a very successful one. The march started in Lenox and lasted all the way to the Governor’s mansion in Atlanta the March included a sit-in with chants demanding to talk to the governor and Mayor Reed. Kasim Reed agreed to meet with the organizers next Monday which is a huge win. They plan to address homelessness, police brutality and the black lives matter movement.  All last week protests and demonstrations transpired; the most highlighted one was the Black Lives Matter protest that shut down the 75/85 highway joining over 2000 fellow Atlantans together. In total an estimated 15000 people marched throughout the weekend and 10,000 on Friday alone.


You can stay updated by listening WRFG radio which is one of Atlanta’s only independent radio stations that is dedicated to keeping locals informed of what is truly happening in their neighborhoods. One of the guests of Monday’s Labor Forum  mentioned that we should push past just making hashtags for the outrageous events that are occurring all around the US such as the shootings that happened last week. Not to say that it is insignificant, but just posting on social media about a serious topic such as homelessness or unlawful shootings is not enough. If you truly are passionate then I urge you to stand up for what you believe in and get out to do something about it!

Obama, who just had a school named after him in DeKalb, said do not verbally abuse and speak out against officers, but let’s think of a way to join forces. In the same light we need members of the community to join forces together and maybe most importantly we need the police force to be more involved in our communities. That is, they need to seek to understand the struggles of the everyday person that lives in each respective neighborhood in Atlanta, then work to improve their situation. That should be each sides pubic service.

/// I believe this video below encapsulates the situation musically \\\

On another note, Bernie Sanders recently announced he is now supporting Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. This came to a head after a month negotiations between both sides and in the New Hampshire Rally Tuesday. Hillary Clinton sported her election slogan “we’re stronger together” which takes on new meaning now that her and Sanders have joined forces. The rally consisted of both parties talking about where they agree on the platform and this might be the best chance we have change the current corrupt system we are living in. Bernie announced later that “Our job now is to see our progressive platform implemented by a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House and a Hillary Clinton presidency.”

Get out and vote on November 8th, 2016 and register now:

~Mr. Nobody~


One thought on “Atlanta’s Demonstrations, Marches, and Votes Matter 

  1. When can We ,as a NATION,, SEE BEYOND COLOR ? And just see the human soul in front of us?
    WHY should history repeat its self ?-
    Because we are human and fearful of the unknown . FEAR has caused every major War in our past . LETS not repeat past mistakes and learn from our past ! Hello – basic history class spoke on this subject . Please don’t fall prey to media spin and use your brain .
    A recent published study showed- only 30 % of white Americans interact / befriend others of a different race . ……? This is a root cause .
    My own husband argued with me when I said – bigotry stilll exists in our Country .
    We have – NOT COME ALONG WAY – after 100 years .
    My heart weeps on this subject !
    I love all and don’t see color or accents

    I wish others could do the same ………….


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