Featured Artist Thread // Vaughn Elkourie

Vaughn Elkourie just moved back to Atlanta after graduating from Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA where he finished his degree in Digital Media and Business Management. When he is not working on projects for his internship at Dyme Squad Media, LLC he enjoys video editing, digital media, as well as analog art mediums such as drawing and painting.

When asked about his inspiration on his most recent video release, he told us that he actually stumbled upon the idea on accident. He was finishing up moving in and fired up his record player with Tears for Fears on vinyl. After flipping on the preamp he went on to the next thing until he realized that he had the settings pitched down, but instead of changing it back his mind reverted back to footage he had. With the Adobe Suite, Vaughn’s editing abilities and a few hours of work; this slow summertime video ballad was born:

Vaughn’s Newest Video // Slow Tears – Give it a view and subscribe!

Vaughn says that he primarily uses music to get into the mindset of creating a designs. He is currently working on creating a website to feature his portfolio, so if you want to collab or get him on a commission then just DM him @ThisIsVaughnArt on Instagram or email him at Elkourieworks@gmail.com. Here is a taste of his style below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Big 3:

Q. Biggest Influence(s)?

A. Originally it was Dan Deacon & Jimmy Joe Joche’s Ultimate Reality; Currently it is Tim & Eric

Q. Favorite Spot in ATL?


Q. Drink of Choice?

A. Orpheus serpent bite

Up and coming ProjectsJust Three Boys Entertainment is a visual art collaboration started by Vaughn, Nate Ladd, and Sammy Williams. What began as something fun to do in between class at Georgia College is quickly becoming much more. They are currently working towards creating a pilot, so be on the look out and check out their videos on YouTube.

~Mr. Nobody~


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