Featured Music Thread // I.R.E. Album Release

This local Atlanta septet is by no means new to the scene, but their latest full length LP that just dropped is. Their album release bash was curated on 4/20 at Smith’s Olde Bar and was presented by Locus Promotions. I.R.E (Intello Rhythm Eclectic) was accompanied by a full house of music including SONIC BLOOM (which features Eric Bloom, of Lettuce, and Nigel Hall), Distopia, Dr. Stangelove and Partials among others that encompassed both The Music Room as well as The Atlanta Room.

Turn On is their first album since 2012, yet they seemingly did not skip a beat despite the time off and line-up changes. If you have just heard about these cats, do not make the mistake of writing them off as just another dub/reggae/rock group. Their music has the ability to transcend genres and truly encapsulates what it means to be “irie” – which an old Rasta man once told me means to be in an “excellent state of highness.” Right off the bat, Innocent Man, sets the tone with some original grooves with booming backbone of bass by Trent Gilson and the addition of Jeremy Anderson of TREEHOUSE! on trumpet.

The second track, Crank That Dial, continues to blast off the album with trumpeter Eric Benny Bloom sitting in along with Will Clarke on drums (whom happens to own Fractal Sound Studios as well). The funk does not stop there with their third track, Today, which is set up by a pronounced bassline by Daniel Taylor along with Taylor Long’s shortlived, but ripping guitar solo. Daniel Taylor’s main position in the band is guitar and vocals next to his sister-in-law, Amy Middleton Taylor, who is their main vocalist. Troy Richmond is their lead male vocalist, backed by Trent Gilson on bass, Michael Crowe on keys, Tim Fash on sax, and Kyle Watkins on drums.

If I Had My Way, drops in heavy then drops out with a fat bassline and soon accompanied with a groovy guitar that is backed by on point drumming; followed by sensual sensations of lyrics melted with full musical cohesion. This track has the ability to be a ballad of Atlanta, representative of individualistic rhythm that arise out of the urban tundra credited to ITP life. This paired with the combination of highs and lows that are seamlessly strung together to make a united whole create a balanced canvas of sound.

The ninth track, Love Song, is a perfect summer sounding song that features Evan Oberla from O.A.R. that can bring you back to ol’ Slightly Stoopid times like Ocean, minus the coconuts clacking. Lastly, Pop of Color, starts off slow and jumps into a finishing move that builds until the very end. All in all, this is a great album and don’t turn it off too soon.The last riffs show off Amy’s range, sustain, and pitch that could be compared to classic Robert Plant sirens that were somehow presented in front of full-fledged RATM hits.

~Mr. Nobody~

Catch their full albums on bandcamp:


Turn On

by I.R.E.

Turn On cover art

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