Taking the Time to look after Your mind

Take a moment to open your window and observe the sounds going on outside of your current situation. Even if you don’t live deep in the city, I am confidant that you will still hear a buzz of the world going on around you. It may sound peaceful, or sound stressfull; regardless of your situation there is a inanimately vibrating earth that is living around you constantly.

I will not urge you to consciously think about the busy buzzy bees that are continuely working around. Nay, quite the opposite. Familiarize yourself for the present moment to get the best of it. Don’t stop your thoughts, but see if clearly with a relaxed focused mind. Taking 10 minutes a day to meditate (no need to bring our your bodhi here or sit on the floor). Step back and see your thoughts without judgement.

When life becomes intense and tight; other times you may let your foot on the gas, yet there is a balance in between. Sit down and watch your mind, but don’t feel adgitated; don’t feel too mundane or mechanical; let yourself forget the nagging ego. Start to let go the patterns of your mind. Meditation offer an opportunity to step back and experience different perspective – don’t let the paradigms you have collected over time to rule you.

We can’t change the little things in life, but can change how we perceive it.

See that things are’t always as they appear.

Use 10 minutes to experience the potential of mindfulness and  a clear psyche for more focus calm and clarity in your life.

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