#FeelingTheBern in New Hampshire: The Work is Far From Over

Funny, interesting, and informative. I like the links as well. Well done!

The Lonely Tribalist

I was walking out of my last class of the day, when I flipped through my e-mails and saw this:

bernie sanders we just won new hampshire e-mail | the lonely tribalist

And my reaction went something like this:

austin powers excited happy dance | the lonely tribalist

(Well, on the inside, at least. No use getting kicked out of school just a few months away from graduation now.)

Bernie Freaking Sanders just won the New Hampshire primary, beating Hillary 60% to 38%And he had a strong female voter support base – eat your heart out, Ms. Steinem. I am so excited by his progress and yet, it would be dangerous to think our work is done. We’re still quite a ways away from a slam dunk for the presidency, even for the Democratic nomination. We’ve only heard from 2 states and while they are important, they are by no means the final word.

For example, on the Republican side, Trump came in second in Iowa and…

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